Work less, make more selling FABRICS!

Tell me you are not tired of having headaches, backaches, and not still seeing the millions everyone talks about in the fashion industry. Well, the millions are actually there, you may just have been doing it wrongly. I know the WHAT and HOW of the business that can get you that million in 1 year. It’s the RETAIL FABRIC BUSINESS! Let me show you HOW!    

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The Profitable and Sustainable Fabric Business Online Course is a step-by-step online course that shows you how to make the millions selling fabrics. It does not just TELL you where to buy, it shows you EVERY OTHER THING YOU NEED TO START, BUILD, STRUCTURE AND PROFIT FROM SELLING FABRICS

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Take a look at all you will learn in 9 modules


This module helps you understand over 50 business that exists in the fashion space. At the end of this module, you will understand how big the fashion industry is, who your customers are and the market share available to you.

Module 2 - Fabric identification and classification

This module contains 15 video lessons that help you understand the technology of fabrics, fabrics, textiles, fabric measurements units, identify over 30 types of fabrics, by look, feel, texture, and other characteristics. At the end of this module, you will have been able to identify over 30 fabrics, their measurement and the terms that are used in the fabric industry to describe them.

MODULE 3 - COlors and uses of fabric

In this module, you will learn the colors of fabrics, their uses in the fashion creative space and other sectors. At the end of this module, you will be able to accurately describe fabrics for your fabric business marketing content, understand which fabrics can be used for what purposes and advise customers accordingly.

MODULE 4 - Colors and uses of fabric

In this module, you will learn the colors of fabrics, their uses in the fashion creative space and other sectors. At the end of this module, you will be able to accurately describe fabrics for your fabric business marketing content, understand which fabrics can be used for what purposes and advise customers accordingly.

MODULE 5 - Fabric sourcing

This is the module where you learn about the various ways to source fabrics, where to source what fabrics, which fabric sourcing type is ideal for your fabric business stage and where to shop for them. At the end of this module, you will know where to shop for specific fabrics at the lowest rates and how to get a constant supply of fabrics even from your house.

MODULE 6- Fabric photography

People buy with their eyes and this is the module that will show you how to ensure they are buying from you. In this module, we will show you how to take proper images to represent various fabrics, how to ensure you get the right colors for problematic color shades and how to increase your image quality. At the end of this module, you will understand all the details of fabric product photography to increases your sales.

MODULE 7 - Fabric tagging (SKU) and inventory generation

Stock keeping is essential for growing your business to millions and this is the module we show you how to accurately take stock of your fabrics. We will show you how to give products SKUs, create an inventory and manage that inventory. At the end of this module, you will understand how to manage your inventory to avoid stealing by staff without you noticing. You will also understand when and how to restock.

Module 8 - Fabric marketing and sales

Selling is how we make millions and this module will show you who to sell to, how to sell your fabrics, and which channels to sell fabrics for optimal revenue and profit. At the end of this module, you will understand what to say to customers to ensure they buy your fabrics, how to set price for your fabrics to ensure you are maximizing profit and how to expand your business using various different channels.

MODULE 9 - How to Track and audit your fabric businesses

Checking and auditing our fabric business is essential for business growth and accessing opportunities such as grants. At the end of this module, you have learned how to audit your business and when to audit it.


The profitable and sustainable online course teaches you step-by-step all you need to start, structure and profit from a retail fabric business. This course has 9 modules and over 50 lessons as videos, audios, worksheet, templates and guides. These lessons are designed to help you understand the A-Z of how to start and grow your fabric business into several million.



Did you think that is all? no way!

3 bonus lessons to help you sell and profit from fabrics

stock keeping image


This shows you basic record keeping and accounting for your fabric business. You know you cannot scale your business without keeping proper records and knowing your numbers right?  

Value of Bonus - ₦ 5000 | $15

website image


To scale your business, you need. This shows you the technologies available to you to market and scale your business.

Value of Bonus - ₦ 5000 | $15

fabric im


How to use canva to create amazing marketing images.- This shows you how to create eye-catching designs you will need to market your products. 

Value of Bonus - ₦ 5000 | $15


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early bird discount image

10% discount

2x bonus
this is a price reduction for early birds i.e the first 20 people to pay

This is a 10% reduction in the original price for the first 20 people who register

Value - ₦ 7,000

workbook mocckup image

ultimate fabric workbook

3x bonus
this is the suprise bonus!
free for the first 10 people that pays for this course ONCE REGISTRATION OPENS

A workbook containing over 50 real fabric swatches with their descriptions for every fabric seller, fashion teacher, fashion student and clothing fashion entrepreneur.

Value - ₦ 8,000

grpoup coachin image

1 month group coaching

1x bonus

this is the support you need and the reward you get for paying EARLY

This bonus group coaching will take place once a week to answer questions you may have on the course. This will start to count from the day the course commences.

Value - ₦ 30,000

While you are wondering if this is right for you?




Are you wondering what my story is and why I am qualified to teach you?

how i became a fabric mogul

Hello there, I am Aderinsola Adio-Adepoju the CEO/lead trainer at Deryne Couture. I am a passionate educator, teacher, entrepreneur whose strength lies in youth teaching and mentoring youths to greatness. 

I have many sides to me as you will get to know when you become a member of the fabric millionaires club but my many sides are for 1 SINGLE GOAL; To TEACH YOU.

I chose you 10 years ago because you are a youth that needs the right knowledge and skills to GET EMPOWERED. I decided to be a teacher of skills and knowledge in the fashion space over 12 years ago and got trained in dressmaking. In the last 10 years, I have gained experience, skills, and knowledge just to fulfill 1 vision; GETTING YOU EMPOWERED in the fashion space so that we can have fashion experts who will build the fashion conglomerates we want in Africa.

After becoming an expert in dressmaking, I decided to grow my business because I was fast becoming my customer’s ERAND GIRL. I was always been asked to buy fabrics to make them loads of garments. One day, I was having another round of backache that comes with standing for long hours constructing garments, then I asked myself, what is stopping you from turning this thing you already do into a business? 10 years is around the corner, what will you teach your students? What will you teach your students if you have not started doing that business and profiting from it?

I woke up the next day, a bright sunny day in August 2016 with determination in my heart and only 30,000 naira in liquid cash. I said to myself, “Derin today is the day you start. NO MORE EXCUSES”.

Today, 30,000 naira has become millions of naira without a bank loan and with the birth of a 3rd fashion business in 2017. I set out to learn enough to teach but I have gotten more than KNOWLEDGE, I have built a fabric business worth MILLIONS by doing business right.

I SET A 10 YEARS GOAL in 2011. I have gained all the knowledge and skills possible in the last 12 years to become a fashion expert and today I want to give it to you. I ask you this, “What is stopping you from getting this ALREADY MADE KNOWLEDGE FOR YOU TO GET YOUR OWN MILLIONS IN A SHORTER TIME WITH LESS STRESS?

I am the best teacher for you because I do not just have the knowledge, I have made mistakes and I have recorded HUGE SUCCESS too. I know what works and I know what doesn’t. It time for you to let me hold your hand and guide you on this journey through this online course.

are you still wondering if you can do it?


It took me about 3 years to achieve this with all my mistakes. It will take you less because I have put all this experience into THE PROFITABLE AND SUSTAINABLE FABRIC BUSINESS online course to help you avoid these mistakes and make your millions faster. DO NOT GAMBLE!


website phone pic

why choose us?

we offer you hands-on fashion knowledge at your finger tips

We have taught this course for 2 years at our physical location but we know there are thousands of people who need this. We know you cannot find a structured course on fabric retail like this online so we decided to do this for you. We did more than creating the course to meet your needs, WE BROUGHT IT TO YOUR FINGERTIPS. All you need to do to access it is to make that decision and press the button.

why choose us?

the lead trainer is a born teacher, expert and multiple award winner

Aderinsola participated as one of the 1000 talents at the UNLEASH global innovation lab in Singapore in 2018. Aderinsola has a Mini MBA from the International Finance Cooperation; a member of the World Bank Group. She is rounding off my Ph.D. at the University of Lagos Nigeria where she also teaches.
Aderinsola has participated as a talent/student in several business labs and courses such as the Ayada Lab; an intensive Franco-German Incubation program for entrepreneurs from various African countries.
Aderinsola has a certification in Entrepreneurship, Skills & Innovation which she obtained from Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen, UK. She also has a certification in Fashion Entrepreneurship from Udemy academy. I
n 2019, Aderinsola was selected as 1 of the 50 women from over 36000 for the first edition of Access Bank womenpreur pitch-a-ton business lab which took place in Lagos, Nigeria. Aderinsola has won several grants and awards that have taken her to 5 continents based on excellence.  

derin pp3
derin you fashion you pic

why choose us?

our vision is you. You are our priority.

It is not every day you find a school that is more concerned about making you successful than making money. We planned this vision for 10 years just because we want to teach you what works based on experience, skills, and knowledge. WE STARTED THIS SCHOOL FOR YOUR SUCCESS!


Hear from others


join us and become a fabric millionaire in 2021

You deserve to be in this club, but you need to start. This course is where you start. It’s time to invest in your future self. It’s time to decide to be a millionaire selling fabrics.


here are the answers to the questions that are stopping you from making your millions

Q1) What is this course about? - This is a course that teaches you step-by-step how to start and run a profitable fabric business to double your capital in 3 months. This course is an online course

Q2) What is the price? - 70,000 naira or $200 regular price. Q3) What is an early bird discount?- For to first 20 people that pay, they get a 10% discount..

Q4) Where will the course take place? - An online Learning Management System (LMS) where you can log in with a username and password we give to you after payment to access your student area where the course will be available on the start date. Simply put, it's a website where you have access to video lessons. This is just like how you have a username and password to access your email. This learning management system is simple to use and we have videos to guide you through its usage just in case you get stuck.

Q5) What topics are covered in these lessons and how do they help me start and profit from the fabric business? - Topics such as where you buy from, how you give products SKUs (stock-keeping units), how to take pictures of specific colors of fabrics, how to ensure your staff is not stealing your fabric business, how to identify over 30 types of fabrics in feel, look and characteristics, how to create an inventory and audit it, how to design marketing images for your business, how to avoid being scammed by fabric suppliers, how to differentiate the quality of different fabrics, how to store your fabrics to prevent them from going bad and you losing money, which social media / eCommerce platforms favor fabric retail, how to start with very little capital, how to find the customers for your fabrics and over 50 categories of business in the fashion space that are your customers and many more will be covered in these lessons.

Q6) How do I access the course? - Using any internet-enabled devices such as phones, tablets, or computers. You do not have to worry about where you are, all you need is your device, internet and you can access your course on the go.

Q7) Are the videos downloadable? - No, they are not. But you can watch as many times as you want once you are logged in to the course area on the LMS for a period of 1 year. A worksheet, guides, templates on excel, and pdf that come with the course can however be downloaded.

Q8) How do I pay for the course? - Click on of the buttons on this page to pay by a card or bank transfer. 9) - Can I pay even if I am not in Nigeria? How much will I pay in dollars? - You can pay in both dollars or naira. Our payment gateway Paystack accepts both local and international payments. For international payments, you will be charged $200, for local payments you will be charged, 70,000 naira regular price and 63,000 naira for early bird (first 20 people).

Q10) - How long do I have access to the course? - For 1 year in which time you can watch lessons as many times as you want.

Q11) When is registration open? - Next registration is open April 2021. Please join the waiting list to be the first to hear about this. Q12) What do I get extra for paying very early

a) A Fabric Swatchbook. It contains 50 samples sizes of real life fabrics with descriptions, pictures of use and so much more. This bonus is only for the first 10 people who register. This product is worth 8000 naira. b) 10% Discount for the first 20 people i.e pay 63,000 naira or $180 instead of 70,000 naira or $200

c) For everyone that registers between in the first 2 days that registration opens, you get 1 month (4 weeks) of weekly bonus group coaching.

Q14) What exactly am I paying for? I mean, what is contained in the course? - There are 9 modules, over 50 lessons that teach you all aspects of starting and running the business. Lessons are in videos and audios that are easy to watch and follow. We also have templates and worksheets that come with the course.

Q15) - Are there bonuses apart from the early bird bonus that comes with the course? - Yes, there are 3 Course Bonus classes. In fact, the value of these bonuses is worth half of the course.

Bonus (1) - How to keep proper records (bookkeeping) for the fabric business.

Bonus (2) - Using technology to scale your fabric business.

Bonus (3) - How to use canva to create amazing fabric marketing images.

Q16) Can I pay for the course twice? - Yes. We have a (twice) installment payment plan. This will cost you extra 7000 naira or $15. Please read the terms and condition page by clicking "terms and conditions" right at the bottom of this page. Q17) How do I pay for the course? - Via this sales page. You can pay by a card or bank transfer. Deryne Couture Enterprises. GTB. 0458342830

Q18) Are payments refundable? - No, all payments are final. It is a knowledge product that once given cannot be recovered. You can however be sure if you use this knowledge, you are going to make millions from the fabric business. My ex-students in the dressmaking and other fashion courses can vouch for the quality of knowledge. They all say I am undercharging for the knowledge and skills I am bringing to the table.

Q19) I am not sure I can sell/market fabrics, I am not a people person? - HAahahaha. You know why I laughed. This was meee. I hated talking to customers. In fact, I intentionally used to leave only my staff at the fabric store and concentrate on couture garment production. Guess what, I found a way to still market and make my millions. I'll show you how in this course.

Q20) What if I have more questions? - Please send us an email at derynecouture@gmail.com or give us a call on +2347068398594.

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