Mr Oyinbo walked into our store in December 2020 with his tailor holding a nylon bag. I greeted him and he did not seem to be in a very good mood. I asked what the problem was, he said to the tailor "bring out the outfit you made for me". The tailor brought out a black cashmere outfit sewn into south-south style but Alas!, it was with the lowest grade of cashmere.

Mr Oyinbo had come into our store for the first time 2 days before this incident and in our chat, I instantly knew his taste was never going to be for a low grade cashmere so I asked, "what is the story?".

He said " I gave him N18,000 to make me an outfit with high quality cashmere and when the tailor brought the outfit, It was TERRIBLE.

The tailor claimed he did not know it was low grade. Mr Oyinbo also said he did not know what to look out for hence, he sent the tailor to do the fabric shopping and tailoring.

Guess what, this is a typical incident in my 10 years of experience in the fashion space.

Are you the tailor, the buyer, the person who wants to start a fabric business, the fashion teacher who needs to teach students the right things in class, or the fashion entrepreneur who needs to educate staff? 

Do not wait till you loose money because of ignorance. 

Do not wait till your student thinks you know nothing

Do not wait till your supplier gives you low quality cashmere at the price of high quality cashmere.


Over 30 categories of fabrics and 55 fabric samples with detailed information on needle size, fabric use, fabric composition to help you avoid being cheated, being confused, or being a novice about fabrics.

This workbook is the Ultimate Fabric book that allows you to know all about fabrics in less than a week.

Categories like Ankara, Cashmere, Lace, Crepe, etc. that have different grades/types have up to 3-5 fabrics samples/category with well-labeled instruction to help you know the difference in quality and price so you never have to wonder which is which


All this knowledge, quality print paper, 55 fabric samples, knowledge that takes you from Novice To PRO in fabrics cost 8000 naira or $20 only.

Think it is expensive? Let's do the math. If you have to buy a quarter yard of 50 types of fabrics, for a fabric of N800 per yard, you will pay N200 in 50 places.

That is N10,000. That is provided the seller agrees to sell a quarter yard.

In fact, would you even know the fabrics to buy if you do not know what you are looking for?,

Now lets add the quality of the paper and print of the workbook, the hard paper is glossed and thick enough to ensure your workbook last for years.

Did I mention some fabric samples in this workbook is worth N4000 per yard.

Now do the math, how much should all this be?

I am sure you agree that a workbook with all this knowledge, information, and 55 samples sizes of over 30 categories of fabrics for N8000 naira, it is a steal.

Meet the Author

Mrs. Aderinsola Adio-Adepoju is a highly-skilled teacher and entrepreneur focused on impacting youths by imparting 21st-century knowledge and skills. Aderinsola started her journey in the fashion industry in 2007 in the fashion creative space and has since then grown into a 3 arm fashion business covering fashion retail and fashion education. She participated as one of the 1000 talents at the UNLEASH global innovation lab in Singapore in 2018. Aderinsola has a Mini MBA from the International Finance Corporation; a member of the World Bank Group.

Aderinsola has participated as a talent at several business labs and courses such as the Ayada Lab; an intensive Franco-German Incubation program for entrepreneurs from various African countries. She has a certification in Entrepreneurship, Skills & Innovation which she obtained after she completed a course at Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen, UK in 2018. She also has a certification in Fashion Entrepreneurship from Udemy academy.

In 2019, she was selected as 1 of the 50 women from over 36000 for the first edition of Access Bank womenprenuer pitch-a-ton business lab which took place in Lagos, Nigeria.
Aderinsola has been a speaker at several notable events such as the United Nations day Lagos event 2019 where she spoke on education and entrepreneurship.
Aderinsola was featured in United States Instyle Magazine and Nigeria’s Tekedia in 2020.
Aderinsola is the CEO/lead trainer at Deryne Couture; a 3-arm fashion design, fashion retail, and fashion training company whose vision is to be the leading vocational fashion training institute in Africa to empower youths.

She is on a mission to educate youths with the right fashion knowledge and skills to have entrepreneurs and professionals who will build fashion conglomerates in Africa.
In line with her mission to create quality knowledge in the fashion space, Mrs. Adio-Adepoju put together this fabric workbook to help tailors, fashion entrepreneurs, fashion students, fashion teachers, and individuals to understand fabrics and use the knowledge to make the right decisions when it comes to fabrics.